Adult Zombie Costume Prosthetic for Men's or Women's Zombie Costumes or other theatrical productions. 

Item Name: Spine Prosthetic
Special FX Facial Prosthetic.Handmade & Prepainted by Airbrushing.

Works For: Men or Women , Teenagers. 

Included: One Spine Prosthetic Piece

*Please note: in the photo the man has TWO spine pieces attached to his back / neck. I included these photos to show you that you can line them up. You can find the other wounds on my site sold separately. Also additional make-up, costume, adhesive not included

Please note: Adhesive and Latex to apply are not included. 
Recomended application options: 
1) Spirit gum (adhesive and any liquid latex) Liquid latex helps blend edges into the skin.

2) The better application: 
I recommend Ben Nye's Liquid Latex adhesive V.S. Spirit Gum (typical adhesive) because Ben Nye's Liquid Latex is quick drying, thicker and requires fewer coats, is easier on the skin, doesnt require an additional makeup removal (spirit gum requires spirit gum removal)


Important !
Please be aware of all allergies prior to purchasing our latex prosthetics. 
We are not responsible for allergic reactions due to latex allergies or adhesive allergies or additional make-up you purchase from us other stores. We are also not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

Our items are handmade. We are not a corporation. We hope to have full professional packaging one day - but until then - our items arrive in plastic to protect them.

Spine Prosthetic