Zombie Costume Make-up FX Prosthetic 

Item Name: MAULED
Special FX Facial Prosthetic.Handmade & Prepainted by Airbrushing.

Works For: Adults & Kids

Included: One Latex Prosthetic (prepainted)


Please note: In the photo of the man's chest - the prosthetic has been darkened with make-up and veins were added to his skin (this is just an example of what you can do when you get creative. The actual piece looks like the other photos

Please note: Adhesive and Latex to apply are not included. 
Recomended application options: 
1) Spirit gum (adhesive and any liquid latex) Liquid latex helps blend edges into the skin.
2) The better application: 
I recommend Ben Nye's Liquid Latex adhesive V.S. Spirit Gum (typical adhesive) because Ben Nye's Liquid Latex is quick drying, thicker and requires fewer coats, is easier on the skin, doesnt require an additional makeup removal (spirit gum requires spirit gum removal)

MAULED Prosthetic Wound