ZOMBIE COSTUME - Adult Men's or Women's Latex Prosthetic Makeup - pieces perfect for Halloween Costumes. Can be used for zombie makeup or any type of horror themed production.

Item Name: EYEBALL Prosthetic
Special FX Facial Prosthetic.Handmade & Prepainted by Airbrushing.
Works For: Adult Faces - Men or Women 
Included: One Facial Prosthetic 
Please note: The facial piece is not a mask. It is a latex prosthetic that fits on the right side of your own face. Item comes prepainted. It does obstruct vision on the right side - but its pretty nasty looking and well worth it ! Some customers have poked holes in the eye.

Please note: Adhesive and Latex to apply are not included. 
Two application options: 
1) Spirit gum (adhesive and any liquid latex) Liquid latex helps blend edges into the skin.
2) The better application: 
I recommend a liquid latex adhesive (I sell this in my store) V.S. Spirit Gum (typical adhesive) because my Liquid Latex is quick drying, thicker and requires fewer coats, is easier on the skin, doesnt require an additional makeup remover (spirit gum requires spirit gum removal)


Important !

Please be aware of all allergies prior to purchasing our latex prosthetics. 

We are not responsible for allergic reactions due to latex allergies or adhesive allergies or additional make-up you purchase from us other stores. We are also not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

EYEBALL Prosthetic