Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a professional to use these items?

No, you do not. Many many customers have limited or no experience applying my prosthetics. They are simple to use and come prepainted (unless noted) which helps them look extra awesome. I am also here to troubleshoot or answer any questions. Visit the contact section of this site and ask any questions you may have.

Can I wear these pieces multiple times? 

My pieces can be worn multiple times - within reason.

I have had customers that work at haunted attractions wear my

prosthetics for entire seasons. 

How do these pieces hold up for multiple wears?

You need to be gentle and not violently tear it from your face. 

Latex stretches so multiple wears can cause the paint to chip a little. 

The airbrush paint I use is latex based. 

Do I need to clean the item?

You do not need to clean the item - please do not scrub it or run it under water. 

How do I remove the item? 

Remove the item slowly, do not rip the item off quickly.

It doesn't happen often but - f you get any latex adhesive or liquid latex in your hair when applying - use baby oil to slowly remove it with your hands or a fine toothed comb. If you are worried about your eyebrows or other facial hair you can apply a small layer of vaseline over facial hair when applying. 

Can I wear a facial prosthetic if I have a beard? 

It is not recommended. However, if you have a very short beard close to your face and you can trim it down a bit - you should be ok if you apply minimal latex adhesive - like the BEN NYE Liquid Latex (dont use spirit gum). Facial Prosthetics that have two pieces or you cut into two pieces are not recommended with beards.

Wounds should not be worn over beards or hair. But see the above info on troubleshooting techniques. 

Clown + Zombie Prosthetic Masks - Are these masks?

Yes and no. They are not your traditional masks where you pull them over your head. There is also no hair attached to them. These are prosthetic masks which require you to apply liquid latex or spirit gum to adhere them to your skin. 

How long will this item take to get to me?

I have multiple shipping options for you to choose from when you check out of my store.

If you have an event or a job where you NEED the prosthetic(s) and are cutting it close, please choose expedited priority shipping.​

U.S.A Domestic:  I offer first class (2-7 days). Priority Mail (1-3 Days), and Priority Mail Express (1 day). 

International: This depends on your location and the customs facility for your country. Typically Europe is 4 - 10 days for First Class Shipping. Priority Mail International is faster. Please check online, I'm shipping from New York - Zipcode 10918. Or contact me and I may be able to help. I never guarantee dates / times for international shipping because of customs and how long it takes them to process (every country is different)

How long do you take to ship? 

My items are premade and prepainted. They typically get shipped on the next business day, sometimes they will go out same day. 

Does this include the costume, wig or additional make-up? 

All of my listings say what is included specifically. Most items only include what the description says. At the moment I am not selling clothing costume items. I do have some wigs in stock. I do not include liquid latex, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, or additional face paint / makeup at this time. Each listing will describe what you will need additionally. The majority of my items are covered in prop blood that is durable, dried on, and shiny giving them that "fresh bloody look" but if you get some additional blood it helps bring all costumes to life !!

What are these made of ? 

All of my items are made of latex, the airbrush paint that I use is also latex based.

Please be aware of all allergies prior to purchasing our latex prosthetics. We are not responsible for allergic reactions due to latex allergies or adhesive allergies or additional make-up you purchase from us other stores. We are also not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

Are your prosthetics foam latex or silicone?

No. My prosthetics are very 3D and detailed - but they are not foam latex - nor do I sell any prosthetics that are silicone or foam latex. 

Do you accept returns? 

Yes, I do accept returns. They are time sensitive and specific. I do have a return policy section in the shop menu located above.